What We Do

It's not the answers. It's the questions.

It's been said that you have to ask "Why?" five times to get to an action item. Sometimes, it's more than that. In more than thirty years of presenting value propositions to clients and their customers we've asked a lot of questions and evaluated a lot of answers.

This experience enables us to peel away the superficial layers, simplify complex concepts and identify where action needs to be applied. We help clients build stories that are compelling and relevant to the audience they seek to influence, and we help them deliver their message effectively.

We do this by applying rigorous analysis and strategic business planning to help companies reach long-term objectives by creating solutions that work today.

  • Market Research/Forecasting
  • Financial Modeling/Risk Mitigation
  • Value Proposition/Branding/Sales Material Development
  • Distribution/ Channel Development
  • Territory Alignment/ Sales Metrics
  • Mergers/Acquisitions/Capital Investment

Industries Served

Evaluated experience – applied.

We specialize in providing business development, valued-added services and cost-containment strategies into specialized distribution channels. We limit our efforts to clients in business segments where we have years of practical experience.

We work with a select set of portfolio companies in these industry sectors:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Employee Benefits
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Energy


Dietrich Partners approach.

We assist companies in designing and implementing sound business and channel strategies that operate within the boundaries of legislation, regulations and the rules governing each vertical business segment.

We understand that a meaningful and lasting benefit tomorrow requires the solid foundations built over years of doing the right thing. Performance and accountability are the basis for everything we do.

  • We add value to our clients, and their clients.
  • We protect our client's key relationships.
  • We support our client's fiduciary obligations.
  • We practice transparency and open communication.

We apply the same integrity to our client's concerns as our own.